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Meet Dr. Weak

Video Review

Dr. Weak has worked with Dr. Stevens for over 30 years and finds Braces Omaha to be a great asset to the community. He appreciates the thoughtful and wonderful care that Dr. Stevens provides.

Dr. Weak refers his patients to Braces Omaha for Orthodontics

Dr. Weak's Story

"I've been practicing dentistry in Omaha for over 30 years, and Dr. Stevens and I have had a wonderful relationship that entire time. Throughout my entire practice, with every referral I've made, I have found Dr. Stevens to provide wonderful care at the same time as providing just great concern and thoughtfulness of the patient's needs as well. I trust him because I know he's going to care for the patients I refer to his office exactly the way I would want my family cared for. Braces Omaha is a great asset to the community. They represent the very best that orthodontics can provide here in the city of Omaha."

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