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Meet Dr. Kuhn

Video Review

Dr. Kuhn appreciates Dr. Stevens’ honesty and his wonderful personality when working with patients. He is very proud to have him as a colleague and member of the dental community.

Dr. Kuhn refers his patients to Braces Omaha for Orthodontics

Dr. Kuhn's Story

"Well, I've known Dr. Stevens for about 35 years. I do refer patients to Dr. Stevens because he does a great job. He's got a wonderful personality, and the patients enjoy that, as well as the terrific work and orthodontic care that he gives his patients. I'm just very proud to have him as a colleague and in our community. I think he most of all is very honest about what can and can't be done, very honest with patients about the results that they have, and he's a very generous man of his time and of his efforts. "

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