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Rubber Bands Instructions


Elastics supply the pressure needed to move your teeth and jaw into the correct position. If you follow the instructions given by Braces Omaha on where to put your elastics and how often to wear them, you will avoid having to extend your treatment time longer than necessary.

Keep these guidelines in mind as you proceed with your treatment:

  • Remove your elastics while you brush your teeth or while you are eating.
  • Keep extra elastics with you when you leave your house.
  • If your supply is low, call the office. We can easily mail you some new ones.
  • If you happen to skip wearing your elastics for a day, don’t double up to compensate. Just follow your regular instructions.
  • Be sure to periodically throw out your used elastics and replace them with new ones. When the elastic loses its stretch, it won’t provide the proper pressure.
  • Elastics may cause your teeth to hurt a little at first. Usually, this tenderness will only last a few days. However, if you don’t consistently wear your elastics every day, this tenderness will come back repeatedly.
  • If you have any problems, such as elastics breaking frequently or a hook breaking off, call the office to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.
  • Remember, faithfully wearing your elastics as instructed is a key aspect of keeping your treatment on track and effective.

For faster and better results

  • Please keep your appointments and arrive on time.
  • Be sure to keep your teeth and braces clean.
  • Avoid foods and behaviors that will damage your braces.
  • Wear your elastics as instructed.
  • Carry fresh elastics with you and change them often.
  • Wearing your elastics the full time as instructed will speed up your treatment.

For any questions or concerns, please call (402) 334-7339.

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