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Rapid Palatal Expander Instructions


Congratulations! This appliance is designed to widen your upper jaw and make room to straighten your teeth.

Please be aware of a few important points:

  • You will feel some pressure as the jaw expands and possibly a tingling sensation at the bridge of your nose.
  • Expect to see a space open between your 2 front teeth. This is a good sign! The space will close once the expander is no longer activated.
  • It may be difficult to speak normally at first. Your normal speech will return within a few days.
  • The first few days you will learn how to swallow and remove food that lodges around the expander. Plan on using water to swish around the appliance; it helps you remove any excess food.
  • Be sure to thoroughly brush your appliance at least 3 times a day.
  • Remember to avoid sticky and chewy foods, which can loosen your appliance.
  • Make sure you only turn your appliance once a day, complete the number of turns scheduled, and stop turning the key once turns are complete.
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