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Herbst Appliance Instructions


A good bite and healthy smile are just down the road, but we have some work to do first! Your Herbst appliance is going to help us bring your lower jaw forward so your lower and upper teeth fit together correctly.

Here’s some info on the Herbst appliance and what to expect:

  • At first, your mouth will feel very full, and your jaw will feel sore.
  • The first week will be the hardest for you. Take Advil® for the discomfort, as needed.
  • You may feel some pressure around your ear, and your jaw may become sore.
  • Your teeth will not come together like before, so chewing will feel different. Softer foods are recommended at first.
  • The Herbst appliance prevents your lower jaw from moving backward, but you can still open and close easily and chew your food in this new position.
  • Please be careful not to eat very hard, chewy, or sticky foods.
  • Remember to spend extra time brushing and cleaning around your appliance.
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