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Invisalign in Omaha, NE
Invisalign in Omaha, NE

What Is the Average Cost of Invisalign Treatment in Omaha, NE?

Affordable Orthodontic Care

At Braces Omaha, we want every patient to feel informed about every detail of treatment. This includes knowing how much it will cost. When you visit us for a consultation, we will provide you with a cost estimate for your Invisalign treatment. Dr. Stevens will evaluate your teeth and create a treatment plan that’s specific to your smile goals and that fits within your budget. 

Our staff is happy to discuss your financing options and answer any questions you have about payments or insurance. Contact Braces Omaha today to schedule your free consultation and find out how much Invisalign would cost for you or your child. 

Factors That Affect the Cost of Invisalign

There is not one price for clear aligners that applies to everyone. The cost of your Invisalign treatment will depend on several factors, including: 

  • Complexity of Treatment.  More complex malocclusion problems, such as bite problems and many misaligned teeth, will take longer to correct compared to just a few teeth that need to be straightened. 
  • Your Orthodontist’s Experience. Properly trained and skilled orthodontists generally offer Invisalign at the same price. If you find Invisalign that’s suspiciously and vastly cheaper than others, there is likely a reason. You should only receive Invisalign from a certified orthodontic specialist—like our board-certified orthodontist Dr. Stevens!
  • Your Cooperation.  With Invisalign, you are in control of your treatment. Because the aligners are removable, it is your responsibility to make sure you wear them long enough each day. Otherwise, treatment can take longer which can mean more appointments, more aligners, and a higher cost. 
  • Where You Live.  Certain places charge more depending on the area they’re in. Offices in big cities or expensive areas that charge more for rent are likely to charge more for Invisalign. Braces Omaha offers Invisalign that is competitively priced for the Omaha, NE, area so that more patients have access to affordable orthodontic care. 
  • Aftercare and Retainers. After you complete treatment, we will likely recommend wearing a retainer. Teeth have a natural tendency to shift back into their improper positions after they have been moved. Wearing a retainer will keep your teeth straight, helping you maintain the results of your Invisalign treatment. 

Does Insurance Cover the Cost of Invisalign?

Many insurance plans will cover Invisalign the same way the cover braces. Your dental insurance may pay for a certain percentage or a certain dollar amount of your treatment. Orthodontic treatment can be covered by dental insurance, some health insurance, or paid for separately. To find out the specifics of your coverage, contact your dental insurance provider directly. Bring your insurance information with you during your first visit. Our team is happy to help maximize your insurance coverage.

Other Ways to Pay for Invisalign Treatment

In addition to or instead of using your insurance to cover the cost of Invisalign, you can choose from several other ways to pay. 

  • Financing—Braces Omaha offers 0% in-house financing, so you can pay for your treatment over time directly through us. We also offer a discount if you pay for your treatment in full!
  • Tax-Free Dollars From Your FSA—Your flexible savings account (FSA) is managed by your employer, if they offer it. You save money in an account through paycheck deductions and can use this money to pay for Invisalign. 
  • Tax-Free Dollars From Your HSA—A health savings account (HSA) is designed for those with a high-deductible health insurance plan. You can set aside money in an account and use it to cover dental and medical costs. 

Invisalign in Omaha, NE

With Invisalign, you can achieve straighter teeth, a healthier bite, and a smile you can be proud of. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Stevens. We will see if you qualify for clear aligners and let you know how much Invisalign would cost.

Frequently Asked Questions: Invisalign

Do teeth go back after Invisalign?

Teeth can shift back into their old positions following any type of teeth straightening treatment. They are more likely to shift within the first year after you finish Invisalign. It’s crucial to wear your retainer as instructed to maintain the results of your treatment. After about a year, your jaw bone will have built up enough bone to stabilize the teeth, and you will not have to wear your retainer as frequently. 

Does Invisalign cost include retainer?

The cost of a retainer is separate from the cost of Invisalign. There are many brands and types of retainers to choose from, each varying in price. Your insurance may cover a portion of the retainer cost if you have orthodontic coverage. 

Is getting Invisalign worth it?

An investment in your health and confidence is always an investment worth making. Plus, Invisalign gives you more freedom and flexibility with your treatment compared to traditional braces

How soon do you see changes with Invisalign?

Many patients start to notice changes within about six weeks, although some patients notice subtle changes in as little as two weeks!

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