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Meet Blake

Video Review

From the very beginning, Blake’s Invisalign® experience has been easy and exactly as Dr. Stevens said it would be. He’s super happy with the results and looks forward to his perfect smile!

Blake got Invisalign in Omaha, NE

Blake's Story

"Hi, my name’s Blake, I’m from Omaha, Nebraska, and I came to Braces Omaha for Invisalign. As soon as you walk in the door, there’s one person at the desk, smiling, friendly conversation. As I go back and you see Dr. Stevens, he’s always saying hi, very personable. From the beginning until now, everything has been exactly how they said it was going to be. Invisalign is easy to use, and I’m super happy with the results so far. I’m really looking forward to a perfect smile here at Braces Omaha."

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