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Orthodontics for adults in Omaha, NE
Orthodontics for adults in Omaha, NE

Orthodontic Treatment for Adults

Achieve a Beautifully Straight Smile at Any Age

Orthodontic treatment creates a healthier bite, straighter smile, and a boost in confidence for all ages—adults included! Many adults begin orthodontic treatment later in life because they desire straighter teeth and are more informed about the health benefits of orthodontic care. Although the face and jaws are no longer developing, orthodontic appliances can still move teeth into their proper positions and improve dental health.

If you’re an adult who feels self-conscious of your teeth because they are crooked or if you have a misaligned bite, now is the time to start your orthodontic journey! Contact Braces Omaha today for a free consultation. Dr. Stevens offers many orthodontic treatment options for adults in Omaha, NE, to help you achieve a beautifully straight smile you can feel proud of.

Common Issues Treated With Orthodontics

With appliances or in combination with oral surgery, orthodontic treatment can address many dental issues for adults. These include:

  • Dental crowding
  • Spacing or gaps
  • Open bite
  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Crossbite
  • Impacted teeth
  • Crooked teeth

If you have one or more of these conditions, orthodontics can help! Contact Braces Omaha for a consultation with Dr. Stevens and we will explore all of your treatment options.

What Are My Treatment Options?

There are more orthodontic treatments for adults than ever before. During your consultation, Dr. Stevens will walk you through your treatment options to help select the right choice for your smile.

  • Invisalign
    • Invisalign clear aligners straighten your teeth without the look or feel of braces. The aligners are removable and virtually invisible, making them ideal for adults who want to correct their smile discreetly. You will receive new aligners every 2 weeks and should wear them for about 22 hours a day. Invisalign is great for correcting bite problems and general misalignment.
  • Braces
    • Braces consist of metal brackets and wires. Some adults dislike the way traditional braces look and feel, but they provide outstanding outcomes and are more comfortable today than ever before. Braces can help with bite problems, general misalignment, and more complex orthodontic issues such as impacted canines. Braces are also combined with jaw surgery to align the teeth afterward.
  • WildSmiles Braces®
    • Invented by our very own Dr. Stevens, WildSmiles lets you customize the way your braces look! Adults and children can have fun with their braces by choosing from a variety of bracket shapes in our Disney, signature, and college collections. You can pair your brackets with colored elastics for a personalized braces experience. WildSmiles functions just like traditional braces to give you the same fantastic results—with style!

Orthodontist for Adults in Omaha, NE

At Braces Omaha, we believe in beautiful and healthy smiles for all ages. Many parents who bring their children in for treatment discover that there are so many options for them, too! Whether you are interested in orthodontic treatment for cosmetic reasons or to correct a longstanding dental issue, we invite you to contact us for a free consultation today.

Frequently Asked Questions: Orthodontics for Adults

Do braces take longer for adults?

The average treatment time for braces can be longer for adults than children. This is because when children wear braces, their face and jaws are still developing, making it easier to move the teeth. Since adults have fully developed features, the teeth require more pressure to move. However, both adults and children can achieve great results with braces, and the length of treatment will depend on each individual case.

Can adults get orthodontic treatment?

Yes, adults can get orthodontic treatment at any age as long as the teeth and jaw bone are healthy.

What type of braces are ideal for adults?

The right treatment for you will depend on the complexity of your orthodontic issues. Traditional braces are very effective when treating misalignment, bite problems, and more complex conditions. Adults who don’t want to wear traditional brackets and wires may opt for Invisalign and still receive fantastic results.

Is it worth getting braces at 45?

It is worth getting braces at any age. Teeth can be moved into their correct positions during childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. Many adults start orthodontic treatment later in life for cosmetic purposes, to correct dental issues, or a combination of the two. Any investment in your health and confidence is an investment worth making!

Are braces more painful for adults?

Braces naturally cause some degree of pressure because they are putting force on the teeth to move them. Children, teens, and adults experience this pressure when wearing braces. When you come in to have your braces tightened, it’s normal for patients of any age to feel some extra pressure or soreness for a few days afterward.

A Happier Smile Starts Here

We’re a family-friendly practice that provides optimal orthodontic care in a comfortable, approachable setting. To learn more about your treatment options for yourself or your child, we encourage you to contact Braces Omaha to schedule a complimentary consultation.