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Meet Dr. Thomsen

Video Review

When Dr. Thomsen refers patients to Dr. Stevens, he knows they’ll be in great hands. Dr. Stevens’ passion and professionalism shows through the great level of care that he provides.

Dr. Thomsen refers his patients to Braces Omaha for Orthodontics

Dr. Thomsen's Story

"I refer patients to Dr. Stevens — very sophisticated in the way he approaches treatment, does the types of things that I like to do as well. Dr. Stevens is very energetic, has a quirky personality that's always fun to work with, is very concerned about the well-being of his patients, so I know that when I send someone over here to see Dr. Stevens, I know they'll be in very good hands. Our patients when they come back from Dr. Stevens' office, they always have a big smile on their face, and it's always a better experience than what they had anticipated. Having Braces Omaha and Dr. Stevens and his whole staff here in Omaha is just a wonderful asset to the community. To be able to be that passionate about what he likes to do, whether it be both personally or professional, is very refreshing, and I think that it really shows through in the type of care that he provides."

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