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Meet Dr. June Miller

Video Review

Dr. Stevens is a wonderful orthodontist and Dr. Miller’s patients love visiting him. She has the utmost confidence in his abilities and feels very lucky that Braces Omaha is a part of the community.

Dr. Miller refers his patients to Braces Omaha for Orthodontics

Dr. June Miller's Story

"I refer patients to Dr. Stevens because I believe in the quality of his finished treatment, and I have known him also personally for a long time. Dr. Stevens is a wonderful, fun, intelligent orthodontist, and our patients love him because of his personality. I have utmost confidence in the treatment that he presents. My husband and I, we both practice together, feel very lucky that Dr. Stevens practices in Omaha. He's contributed to this community as well as to the profession. I hope that Dr. Stevens continues to practice his orthodontic treatment for all patients of all ages because he is definitely a good orthodontist."

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