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Meet Dr. Miller

Video Review

Dr. Miller knows that any patient he refers to Dr. Stevens will have an excellent experience and great results. Braces Omaha is definitely a positive reflection of our community.

Dr. Miller refers his patients to Braces Omaha for Orthodontics

Dr. Miller's Story

"I know Dr. Stevens very well, and I know that any patient that I refer to Dr. Stevens, he's going to do any excellent job. Dr. Stevens has always been an innovator, both his office design and in his techniques and materials that he uses. I feel comfortable referring patients to Dr. Stevens. He's very jovial, and he likes to joke a lot, and I'm sure he's got a great rapport with kids. My patients are very happy that we referred them. I would be very comfortable in sending friends and family to Braces Omaha. We will continue referring patients to Dr. Stevens. His office setting and his personality I think is a positive reflection on our community."

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