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Meet Nour

Video Review

Nour came to Braces Omaha for ceramic braces and looks forward to her perfect smile. Dr. Stevens is always willing to work with her and the staff rocks a smile on their face every day!

Nour got ceramic braces in Omaha, NE

Nour's Story

"My name is Nour, I live in Omaha, and I came to Braces Omaha for ceramic braces. I would describe this practice as very modern and fun, and welcoming. The team here is very informative, and helpful, and each and every one of them rock a smile on their face every day that I come in here. Dr. Stevens is one of the most charismatic people I’ve ever met. He’s also very willing to work with you and your needs, and he always has a smile on his face. My overall experience at Braces Omaha has been very good. When I get my braces off I’m definitely looking forward to seeing a perfect smile. I would recommend Braces Omaha to anyone in Papillion or Omaha, Nebraska."

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