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Meet Kristi

Video Review

Both of Kristi’s children are patients at Braces Omaha, and all of them have had terrific experiences. Everyone is so welcoming and Dr. Stevens has been great to work with.

Kristi got braces in Omaha, NE

Kristi's Story

"My name is Kristi. I am from Omaha. I am the mother of two girls, and they are both currently patients at Braces Omaha. Our experience at Braces Omaha has been terrific. We had such a great experience bringing our first daughter that we brought our second daughter in, and she is now in phase one of her braces. Everyone here at Braces Omaha is very welcoming, friendly. We had come first thing in the morning — everybody's very happy to see us. Dr. Steven has been great to work with. If I have questions, he takes all of the time to answer them. He's been super with the girls. My girls are definitely excited to get their braces off. It is a very cool and very fun experience; my kids love it. As a mother, I would highly recommend Braces Omaha."

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