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Meet Robert

Video Review

Robert appreciated Dr. Stevens’ optimism and how quickly he was able to proceed with his braces treatment. Getting braces at Braces Omaha has changed Robert’s life.

Robert got braces in Omaha, NE

Robert's Story

"My name is Robert Foster. I'm from Omaha, Nebraska, and I came to Braces Omaha to get braces. When I first walked in to Braces Omaha, you could tell they knew what they were doing, and Clarke is an optimistic person. He's just a great guy. The team is a lot of fun. They too are the optimistic cheerleading team. One, two, three, we were rolling, and in a short period of time, we were wearing braces and moving ahead. I trust Dr. Stevens. He's fantastic. He cares, and I figured that out right away. I had a great experience with Dr. Stevens. It's changed my life."

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