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Meet Cheryl

Video Review

Cheryl brought her daughter to Braces Omaha to begin orthodontics treatment. Everybody was so comforting and as a mother, she absolutely trusts this team to care for her child.

Cheryl's child got WildSmiles braces in Omaha, NE

Cheryl's Story

"I am Cheryl from Omaha. We came to Braces Omaha to get palate expanders and begin the orthodontics process on our daughter, Ellie. When we first came into Braces Omaha, the first experience that we had was very welcoming, very warm. Everybody just makes sure you are a hundred and ten percent comfortable when you walk in the door. Seeing the improvements in Ellie’s smile was fantastic. As a mom, I completely trust my child with Dr. Stevens. He’s very warm. He’s funny. I would certainly recommend Dr. Stevens to other parents in Omaha. I think he does an amazing job. He has the kids’ best interest in mind and really does care for his patients."

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