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Meet Karsyn

Video Review

Karsyn chose WildSmiles® because they’re fun and give her braces more uniqueness. She enjoys coming to Braces Omaha because Dr. Stevens and his team are always really nice and careful.

Karsyn got braces in Omaha, NE

Karsyn's Story

"My name is Karsyn, I live in Ralston, and I came to Braces Omaha for a Herbst appliance and WildSmiles®. I chose WildSmiles because they’re more fun, and it gives, like, the braces a little bit of uniqueness. Everybody’s super nice here. I really like it here because there’s, like, a lot of fun things to do. Dr. Stevens is very nice, and he is really careful when he’s putting on your braces. I’m excited to have a straight smile and also to be able to eat more stuff. I would recommend Braces Omaha to any of my friends in Omaha, Nebraska."

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