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Meet Anna

Video Review

Anna needed braces in conjunction with jaw surgery. She enjoys seeing Dr. Stevens and the Braces Omaha team on a monthly basis because of how warm and funny they are.

Orthodontics with jaw surgery in Omaha, NE

Anna's Story

"I’m Anna. I live in Omaha, Nebraska. I came to Braces Omaha to get my braces in conjunction with jaw surgery. When I first walked into the practice, it was extremely welcoming. Everybody was very warm and I instantly felt at ease the second I walked in. The team at Braces Omaha is fantastic. They’re great to see, you know, on a monthly basis. Dr. Stevens is a great orthodontist, definitely. He is warm and very funny. I would definitely recommend Dr. Stevens to anybody that needed braces. My overall experience at Braces Omaha has been fantastic."

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