Orthodontic FAQ’s

How long does treatment normally take?

Orthodontic treatment and braces can be as short as three months, but usually last no longer than two years. During your first appointment the doctor will give you a treatment time estimate.

What is the beginning of treatment like?

The orthodontic experience begins with your first appointment but the treatment itself begins at our diagnostic records appointment. During this appointment, specific orthodontic x-rays and photos of your teeth will be taken so the doctor can develop a detailed treatment plan for your specific orthodontic needs. After the initial consultation the treatment will begin by either taking impressions of your teeth or applying brackets.

What are routine orthodontic appointments like?

Once your orthodontic treatment begins, routine appointments will involve an oral hygiene review and checking of your braces. Sometimes the wires will be changed and new procedures will be initiated to align your teeth and improve your bite. These appointments will usually require 20 – 40 minutes.