“Destiny is not a matter of chance,
it’s a matter of choice.
It’s not a thing to be waited for,
it’s aging to be achieved”.

Make my day!

Yesterday a friend came to my office to get an orthodontic consultation for his son. My goal is to provide excellent orthodontics that is affordable in a casual atmosphere with outstanding customer  service. I was blown away when my friend emailed me expressing that was exactly what he and his family experienced in my office!

It is amazing how great it made my team and me feel when that  compliment was received.

If you experience great care anywhere, let them know. It will make their day!


“Communism and Communication”

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to communicate? I had a long meeting with an orthodontic friend and co-worker and I noticed how hard it became as time went on. We both wanted to be understood but we had different languages. I don’t mean we spoke different foreign languages, it was more like Prince Charles and Justin Bieber were talking about babysitting. We had to talk a lot to realize we agreed on almost everything!

Good communication is so important and so hard. If you don’t push through for resolution, you may find yourself in a conundrum. You may question your relationships and how they ever worked in the first place.  Your relationship can be corrupted by a dull acceptance of the status quo. You could lose the strength of individuality and purpose.

The words “communism” and “communication” sound similar but are really opposites. True communication leads to individual expression. The Communist Manifesto promotes assimilation and leads to restriction of individual expression.

Begin today to really communicate with those around you. Give others your true feelings, your opinions and live.


Stress Donuts

What makes you happy?  And, I don’t mean to confuse happy with joy.  Think about it. Determine a few things that make you happy and learn how to use them!

For me,  it is a movie or a donut or spinach or a phone call to a friend.  There is tremendous healing that can come from indulging  a pleasure.  When I am stressed or down about something, I focus on an indulgence of this kind.  It is a temporary pleasure that opens the door to true resolution of the issue. I call it a “Stress Donut”.  Have one the next time you are stressed and learn to live!



         “If you are too busy to enjoy life,
                      you are too busy”.

                     JEFF DAVIDSON



“One of the things I learned the hard way was that it doesn’t pay to be discouraged.

        Keeping busy and making a way of life can restore your faith in yourself”

                                                      LUCILLE BALL


“Problems are only opportunities in work clothes”. 
                        -HENRY J. KAISER

Corn Cobs and Ideas

When I was in college I was President of the Nebraska Corn Cobs, a men’s spirit club which had charge of the mascot head and the card section. I thought the mascot head looked too much like Oklahoma State’s, Pistol Pete. So, I headed to the fabric store for some yellow fuzzy stuff and glued it to the head as hair.  I purchased overalls and had a Big Red “N” sewed on the front. My roommate, dressed in the mascot head and overalls, and I were on cover of the Homecoming Football Program. The Chancellor was showing of the new mascot head, Harry Husker. All of this from an idea.

Another idea has sparked another Husker moment in my life. My WildSmiles Braces has lead to Mascot Braces which has lead to Husker Braces. My patients will now be able to have orthodontic braces in the shape of Nebraska ‘N’s!

Go Big Red and yeah for ideas!