“I Hope You Dance”

Two weeks ago a great friend changed his address from Earth to Heaven. His name is Dr. Steve Tracey. I met him at an orthodontic meeting in Orlando twenty years ago. He was a speaker and I loved what he had to say. He shared a vision of patient care that hit me in the heart. At that meeting I shared with him my vision of WildSmiles designer shaped braces. He immediately jumped on board. Steve was all about loving people. He valued everyone as family and he delivered excellent orthodontics while putting patients his first.

Steve was a revolutionary leader in orthodontics. He had no long list of rules. He would say he was a regular guy who set high standards for himself and encouraged others to do the same. He had a compelling vision of adventure and curiosity. Embracing it, he led others in it’s pursuit. One of the coolest adventures I had was when I went to “Adventures in Orthodontics”, a series of meetings Steve and Jim Hilgers created. Steve and Jim shared everything! They shared their successes and failures. Honesty and transparency are extremely rare and extremely necessary. Those meetings were awesome and I will always value their impact on me.

Steve had the uncanny ability to make you feel special. He was real. He valued people. He needed people. When you were around him you liked yourself more. He made a leadership CD in which he described meeting a new orthodontic patient named Allison who was a little girl with spina bifida. He picked her up and said “let’s dance”. One of his Adventure videos features Lee Ann Womack’s song, “I Hope You Dance”. Steve Tracey danced. Thank you Steve for teaching us all to dance!



“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow.”
  Helen Keller


Puppy Pause

At my orthodontic office, Braces Omaha, we gave out puppy themed calendars to our patients and referring doctors this year. They were labeled “Puppy Pause”.

It is amazing how puppies make everyone smile. People light up when they look at the photos. It made me think how important it is to celebrate new life, whether it’s a baby or a cute little creature.

Take some time to celebrate life by holding a baby or taking a “Puppy Pause.”



I try to take three things in to my orthodontic office everyday. I believe they are essential for a wonderful life.

BG, Be Good! You have to strive for excellence whatever you do. It is your decision!
BK, Be Kind. Wow, this is not always easy because others can influence us. You can do it!
BH, Be Happy. This is fun and your smile makes it happen. Your happiness is your choice!


“Take chances, make mistakes. That’s how you grow. Pain nourishes your courage. you have to fail in order to practice being brave”.
-Mary Tyler Moore

Thank you costs nothing!

I was invited to a Nebraska Husker Spring Football practice as guest because I recently added Husker Mascot Braces by WildSmiles to my orthodontic practice. It was a meet and greet with the coaching staff as well. Coach Mike Riley delivered the vision for the team and answered all the questions we had for him. He went on to thank the folks in Nebraska and all of us there for supporting the team and the Husker coaches. He then asked his staff to introduce themselves. Each one stepped forward to give their name and position and thank us for supporting them! Thank you did not get old. Each time a coach thanked us, my spirit lifted a little.

There is power in thank you. It costs nothing to say thank you to someone. It lifts the spirit and makes one feel more human and valuable. Shout out a thank you today, it’s free and will mean a lot to the receiver.